• Persian Beauty in History
    The Miss Iran Pageant was formally started by Zan-e Rooz Magazine in 1965. The teen beauty pageant w..
    International Persian Beauty Pageant Candidates
    International Persian Beauty Pageant Candidates started to compete in international competitions fro..
    International Persian Models and Actress
    There are several Persian Models and Actresses who able to get success
    Awards Process

    The first step would be collection of all application forms from around the world. u-boat replica watches After checking and eliminating disqualified applicants, all eligible nominees will be divided into several groups. Each of our judges will lead and coa..


    To add more professionalism to the Persian Beauty of the Year Awards, the process starts with selection of the judging panel. Professional judges already working in many fields of arts and science (Plastic Surgeons, Photographer, Wholesale Stuffed Toys, Tra..

    The People Choice

    The Top Nominees selected by the professional judges, will compete in the final Awards Ceremony held by the Persian Beauty Awards in RC Quadcopters summer. The top nominee who gains the highest percentage of public votes will be announced as the winner of the ..